“Start a blog” they said.

Well, you have stumbled upon yet another blog in Internetland. My goal is to try to fish you in with witty observations of myself, beauty products, letdowns, and successes. I enjoy writing so naturally my brain told me “Start a blog! That should be easy!”. And here is how my stroke of genius began:

Step 1. Get the idea to start a blog.
Step 2. Skim blogs about starting blogs and get overwhelmed with information overload.
Step 3. Discover that you need to find your niche in order to have a successful blog.
Step 4. Have a brainfart. Realize that you have no niche.
Step 5. Eat ice cream….Eureka! As the cerebral flatulence dissipates you realize that you might have a unique, albeit, Debbie Downer-like perspective.

What is my perspective, you might ask? Well, you have gotten through my five steps for starting a blog so I will reward you with my take on this thing called Blog. I consider myself a “hot mess” from time to time. Rarely do I have success with things that most people do not give a second thought. For example, most people that I know who wear foundation go to the drugstore and just buy whatever catches their eye and have pretty good success. Or they go to the makeup junkie chain stores and find their “holy grail” products, with minimal effort, that changes their life, makes them rich, brings about world peace, and makes their burps smell like pumpkin spice. How does it usually go for me? I research, research some more, obtain copious amounts of samples, test, test, test, lose sleep over my never-ending skin atrocities, write product reviews, drivel my husband’s and friend’s earholes off with information that is completely irrelevant to them, and then start the process over again when I hear of a new product. “Write a blog, you could do it” they have said. So, I figured that a blog just might be a better platform to air my opinions instead of to my poor loved ones.

Now you are probably asking yourself what has driven me to conclude that I am a “hot mess”. Urban Dictionary defines “hot mess” as “When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty”. I do not consider myself to be undeniably attractive, but I can sometimes maintain the facade of having my life nicely organized into little cubby holes. But my exterior paint is always peeling away to reveal the mess underneath. The need to make people laugh, while hoping no one makes eye contact with me. Extremely oily Mediterranean skin and makeup are NOT a match made in heaven. Fair skin and acne scars with redness and no makeup are not a good combination either. Fair skin with dark brown hair can be a striking combination, especially on your arms. Braces in my 30’s and the messes that result. Oily AND dry/flaky skin….do I really need to go on? Through this blog I really hope to be able to provide some useful tips, reviews, support, and laughs for my hot mess sisters. And if you are not a hot mess like myself then go fill the world with the aroma of your pumpkin spice hot girl burps.

Getting braces is sexy at any age!

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