Elta Md UV Clear Review


I’m going to start this post by telling you that this is an unbiased and unpaid review. Elta MD doesn’t know that I exist so all of my comments are really just my own opinion. Now, if you have already read my first blog post then you know that my oil glands have ADHD (self-diagnosed). That’s right, I have extremely erratic and oily skin. And since you know that I like lists, here is one with my unfortunate skin symptoms:

  • very oily skin
  • dry patches
  • mild rosacea
  • moderate acne (was severe as a teenager)
  • large pores (milky white skin with giant holes, reminiscent of Swiss cheese)
  • constant make-up meltdowns
  • sensitive skin

I have been seeing a dermatologist off and on since I was the ripe old age of eleven. I am now in my thirties so it has been a long-ass time!!! Granted, I didn’t always follow their instructions to the letter because, of course, I was more educated on acne than those loser doctors were. Needless to say, it has been a puss-covered and inflamed roller coaster ride all these years.

One product that I have found to sternly yell at my face “CALM THE HELL DOWN RIGHT NOW YOU EMOTIONAL BASKET CASE!!!!” is Elta MD UV Clear sunscreen. I stumbled upon this little gem after having a skin peel at my esthetician’s office. They sent me home with a generous sample and I have been a faithful user ever since. That was four years ago. It soothes my manic depressive skin during a flare, helps prevent further flares and does NOT cause breakouts. Some other positives that make me happy are that it does not smell or feel like sunscreen and a little goes a long way. Also, it controls oil fairly well, although I’m not sure if it claims to do so. It provides a really nice base underneath foundation that is neither greasy nor matte. Most days I do not wear a primer with this because primers don’t seem to work any better on my skin than this does. If I am suffering from stubborn dry patches then I dab a little bit of a heavier moisturizer on those spots, as UV Clear is rather light. Other than those days it adds just enough moisture to my skin while protecting it from the sun. Oily skin still needs moisture people! There will be more on that topic later.

Let’s have a delightful pros and cons list to sum things up.


  • calming
  • non-comedogenic
  • light, not greasy, no white cast
  • a small bottle lasts for months with daily use
  • no smell
  • excellent sun protection
  • great under make-up
  • perfect for oily skin
  • convenient pump that hasn’t failed me yet


  • somewhat expensive ( a 1.7 oz bottle averages about $29, but it does last a long time)
  • usually have to buy it online or from a derm’s office
  • isn’t waterproof
  • might be too light for dryer skin

So, having just completed my pros and cons list I decided to do a little bit of online shopping before publishing this post. I discovered that the big blue chain store with scary patrons now sells this stuff  here at the cheapest price I have ever seen it, $22.99!  I highly recommend picking up a modest little bottle of this if you suffer the unfortunate skin maladies that this hot mess does. Let me know how it works for you!


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