Keep It Simple, Pimple!

Simple, unpretentious, affordable, non-irritating. 

I have been “blessed” with oily/combo and problematic skin. Have you? I have spent years and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars trying to combat all of my skin issues. Some of the products that I have used to no avail are products, Murad, Proactiv, MD Forte, Neutrogena, Mary Kay, LaBri, Simple, Clearasil, etc. Every dermatologist I have been to has always suggested Dove Sensitive bar soap (Dove doesn’t know that I exist and I am not being paid to review this product). I always blew them off. Bar soap? Really? It says moisturizing cream on the box which spelled ACNE in my mind. Finally after ignoring them for about 15 years I took the plunge and spent the $2 on a bar of this unassuming soap. Five years later and it is the only way that I will wash my face. Do I still have breakouts? Yes. But they are much less severe and all the tiny little pimples that were groupies to my hugely famous cysts and nodules have mostly been killed off.

Here is my humble opinion. KEEP IT SIMPLE! I have sensitive, oily, combination, acne-prone, and rosacea covered skin. Dove Sensitive bar removes oil without stripping it bone dry. It does an excellent job of removing all traces of makeup and it’s CHEAP!

I have learned from trial and error that oily skin also needs extra gentle care. All of the cleansers and toners that advertise removal of all traces of oil are giant red flags to me. Your oily skin will not stop producing oil simply because you have washed it away. Use these harsh products and your skin will be saying “Um, why are you taking away all of this lovely oil that I have worked tirelessly to produce for you? I am trying to prevent aging here! Yes, this does make you look like you used cooking spray on your face, but later on you will thank me! Whoa! It’s ALL GONE! You. Took. It. All. Ok, now this is just pissing me off. Do you not feel how uncomfortable this is?! That’s it, I’m calling in reinforcements. This hurts me more than it hurts you but you have left me with no choice. It is now time to open the sebum floodgates. Hopefully this will teach you to be nicer to me and stop trying to squelch my duties.”

If your skin is a jerk and/or you have become disillusioned by fancy medicated cleansers then give Dove Sensitive bar a chance. Give your skin a good month to adjust to it before making a decision. Everyone is different, but this works for me. We have all been brainwashed into thinking that we need a $65 cleanser with cobra snot and wombat fetal cells contained in it to be good at cleaning our skin. What is your favorite cleanser?



6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple, Pimple!

  1. I also have sensitive, oily, combination, acne-prone skin and I use Dove soap on my face every day. I also use dove body wash for the rest because I like the exfoliating properties. My mom used Dove as well and highly recommended I keep up the trend. It hasn’t failed me yet 🙂

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