These “About” sections always seem so daunting to me. Should I tell you about how I used to wipe boogers on the wall as a child whilst lying in bed? No, it’s too soon. Maybe I should explain how the smell and taste of spearmint makes me retch. No, now I just sound catty especially if you happen to be chewing spearmint gum *insert gag sound here*. Oh! Is this where I explain what my blog is about??? Ok, I can do that!

I am somewhat of an avid reviewer of products, services, and the like that people rave about. Once I hear about something that perks my ears I HAVE to try it and I feel constantly inclined to give my two cents. As a wife, mom, office manager, and wannabe country bumpkin I have a very broad range of interests. But here’s the thing. I’m a hot mess, I struggle with life. I do not have it all together. I can not do it all, nor do I want to. At times I will sound like a whiny complainer because things just do not go smoothly for me. Please sit back and enjoy the drivel if you dare!